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Looking for that someone special, like most people if you just quite connect and find that someone special, you may try some dating websites.

There is a few points I would like to make here...

I once looked for a dating script and there was one I came across that and discovered the marketing ploy of potential buyers of this script, it was being set up that you could buy thousands and more of fake users, including having it look like lots of individuals are chatting to each other, I could not in my judgment make money by doing that and making it look like a popular dating site with next to none legit users.

I may put a dating website online down the road, but I will not do it that way, and it will be free, and if it is slow getting established then that is the way it is, I will not take money from people in that way.

If you do not mind a few dollars spending then I would suggest you stay with ones that advertise on Media such as Radio.

The next thing is be cautious on who you decide to meet in person, people are not always as they say they are, and do not go too fast before you get comfortable going further. I would prefer the ones that offer video chat, when you get that point, doing a video chat with someone that has potential may give you more insights on the person before deciding rather to meet in person.

Also be careful about revealing your specific address and phone number until your have that opportunity to do a video chat. You may even want to use a different first name until the contact becomes more like a person you wish to meet in person.

Also if you get interested in someone abroad or in a 3rd world country, be careful about the money aspect, to someone in a 3rd world country regardless of your real financial situation, you will be deemed as rich which is generally how a lot in 3rd world countries view people in developed nations. So be careful about sending anything monetary. Having said that some in 3rd world countries are not well off financially, but still can make very good potential spouses. I would recommend when the situation warrants to travel and meet the person there, some areas in some of these countries are not safe to wonder alone, always be with someone from there with you.  Try and do your research about the area you will be in so you have an idea what to expect and visit a travel clinic for any recommended vaccinations. It can also be a lengthy immigration process of a year or more before immigrant visa's will be issued and there will be lots of paperwork along with some expenses associated with that; so expect to be separated during this process. Medical and security checks will be done that must be passed.

Remember not everyone is for you, but there is always ones that are perfect for you, they just have to be found.

Written: Dec. 9, 2014
By: Donald Kerr


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