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Hacking is any unauthorized entry into a network / computer.

Now for some hackers breaking into someone's computer is simply a challenge for them and they may not necessarily intend to do damage to your computer, it is like a trill to do something that is said could not be done.

There is also those that are an annoyance in that rather than stealing information will replace your desktop with a message 'hacked by' or put forth a cause.

Then the worse case is those looking for personal gain.

Some big companies have been known to hire individuals that have high hacking skills in their technical support staff just to try to find holes and flaws in their systems in order to plug fix and repair these holes quickly from the outside hackers.


I have known of 2 incidents from people I knew..

1st case...

 I got a call from a wife of a friend that was panicking that the computer had a message on boot up stating it was from the RCMP (Royal Canadian mounted police [Canada]) saying that their computer was identified as having child porn and displaying their IP, it indicated that they had to pay a fine to release the computer using a prepaid credit card.

The wife was terrified saying they know their IP. Well I talked to husband and then went over immediately.

A) If the police traced child porn to your computer, they are not going to give you the opportunity to destroy the evidence they will just show up with a search warrant.

B) The IP was part of the program that got sneaked into the computer that was able to read the IP from the computer and display it.

C) In a country such as Canada or United States, fining you without the opportunity to state your case in court just does not happen.

D) The only option offered for this bogus payment request was with a prepaid card.

People that fall for this may even be contributing to some terrorist group, you just do not know.

What I did since we could not get off that one page and the fact they had nothing on there that needed to be saved, I just reformatted the hard drive and did a fresh install of the operating system.

2nd case...

I knew another person who got a RCMP message pop up actually called the RCMP, at least in his case it did not lock out the operating system.

Even if you pick up on what has happen, not everyone has the knowledge to reinstall a system and then it is the issue of saving things you do not want to lose before that is done. Microsoft also black lists the serial key to windows after the 3rd install.

Immediately change your internet banking passwords just in case, do not do it on the infected computer until it is fixed and proven clean. Call the bank if need be.

To lower the chances of this ever happening, you must have....

1. A hardware firewall (build into most routers), try not to enter any exceptions in that firewall if at all possible, serious gaming occasionally require exceptions.

2. A software firewall (part of windows 7 or 8 and pro versions of antivirus usually have a firewall)

3. Keep windows and software updated which not only may have improvements but security patches.

4. Do not pay the fine they are trying to lure you to do! I know you may be tempted to do that in hopes to avoid having to redo your system but DO NOT!

5. Have good antivirus and mail ware software installed and kept up to date. Do regular full scans of your system.

Also be sure to also read the other articles on the website.

Interesting web links on the subject of hacking....

http://computer. howstuffworks.com/ zombie-computer1.htm

http://education.illinois. edu/WP/crime/ hacking.htm

https://ethics.csc.ncsu. edu/abuse/ hacking/study.php

http://www.wisegeek.org/ what-is-computer- hacking.htm

http://www.computerhope .com/issues/ ch001296.htm

Written: Dec. 10, 2014
By: Donald Kerr

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